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John Feodorov

USA (United States)


Kunstart: Malerei
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For inquiries, please contact by email at contact@johnfeodorov.com. My work reflects on the ephemeral nature of meaning. My intent is to sacralize the profane and profane the sacred, or even better, to complicate the relationship between the two. One of the most important things art can do is create a psychic disruption of the conscious self, overturning our checkerboard of assumptions and opinions. Perhaps that is the most important kind of "spiritual experience" one can have.

Vita / Lebenslauf:

Born in Los Angeles of mixed Native and European American heritage, John Feodorov spent time between the Navajo reservation and the suburbs of Southern California. Feodorov often utilizes pop culture detritus, as well as sound and video, to create what he considers contemporary "sacred" spaces in order to question ideas of spirituality, identity and place. In addition, his paintings and drawings are experiments in creating hybrid mythical iconographies.

Feodorov was featured in the first season of the acclaimed PBS television series, "Art 21: Art for the 21st Century" as well as in the companion book published by Harry N. Abrams. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies at Western Washington University in Bellingham Washington.


BFA Drawing and Painting - California State University at Long Beach, Long Beach CA.
MFA Visual Art - Vermont College, Montpelier VT.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2008 "Ruminations and Pontifications" - Sheehan Gallery, Whitman College, Walla Walla WA.

2007 "Dead Houses" - John Erickson Museum of Art (JEMA), Traveling exhibit.

2007 "Temple" - 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle WA.

2005 "Four Sacred Spaces" - 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle WA.

"Enough Beauty" - With Gail Tremblay. Bellevue Community College. Bellevue WA.

2004 "Ambiguities" - Helen S. Curtis Gallery, Green River Community College, Auburn WA.

2002 "Myths and Prophesies" - Howard House, Seattle WA.

"Octet" - COCA, Seattle, WA.

2001 "Office Shamans and Other Mythologies" - Sacred Circle Gallery, Seattle WA.

1997 "What Makes the Red Man Red? and other observations" - with James Luna's "The Dream Hat Ritual." Sacred Circle Gallery, Seattle WA.

1995 "What Makes The Red Man Red?" - King County Art Commission Gallery, Seattle WA.

"Forest at Night" - Sacred Circle Gallery, Seattle WA.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2008 "Packed: Portable Views Of Varied Terrain" - Duncan Gallery of Art, Stetson University, Deland FL.
"Trespassing" - Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA.

2007 "Guest Curator" - Group Invitational, Schalter Gallery, Berlin, Germany

"Syndicalism: the art of tend and befriend" -Washington State Convention & Trade Center, Seattle, WA.

2005 "New Tradition" - Group Invitational. Archer Gallery, Clark College. Vancouver WA.

"Art 21: The Artists" - Group Invitational. Bentley Projects, Phoenix AZ.

2003 "Whiteness, A Wayward Construction" - Group invitational and traveling exhibition curated by Tyler Stallings. Laguna Art Museum, Laguna CA. (Catalog)

2003 "The Last Judgment" - Group invitational. Curated by Stefano Catalani, Seattle Center, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle, WA. (Catalog)

1998-9 "The View From Here." - Group invitational curated by Peggy Weiss. Seafirst Gallery, Seattle WA. and others. (Catalog)

1997 "Human References: Marks of the Artist." - Group invitational curated by Beth Sellers. Seattle Center Pavilion, Seattle WA. (Catalog)

1996 "Did They Rob You?" - Group invitational and traveling exhibition.
University of Alaska Museum, Fairbanks Alaska.
Sacred Circle Gallery, Seattle WA.
Institute of American Indian Art, Santa Fe NM., and others.

1995 "The Land" - Curated by Jaune Quick-to-see Smith, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma WA.

"Expression of Spirit: Contemporary American Indian Art" - Group invitational curated by Diane Armitage. Wheelwright Museum, Santa Fe NM.

1992 "Virgin Territories" - Group invitational curated by Noriko Gamblin.
Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach CA.

1992 "After Columbus Landed - Native American Art" - San Francisco State University, Student Union Gallery, San Francisco CA.

1991-2 "Adeest ii/ Signs of Contradiction" - Group invitational curated by Diane Armitage. COCA Santa Fe N.M.

Selected Awards:
GAP Grant - Artist Trust, Seattle WA., 2008.
Individual Projects Grant - 4Culture (King County Arts Commission), Seattle WA., 2008.
Artist Residency - 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle WA. 2004.
Joan Mitchell Foundation - Nominee, New York, NY., 2008
The Neddy - Nominee, Behnke Foundation, Seattle WA., 2002.
Artist Assistance Award - Jack Straw Foundation, Seattle WA., 2002.
Artist Residency - Daybreak Star Arts Center, Seattle WA., 2001.
GAP Grant - Artist Trust, Seattle WA., 2000.
The Sheldon Bergh Award - Basil H Alkazzi Foundation, New York NY., 1995.
Seattle Arts Commission - Portable Works Collection, Seattle WA., 1994.
Art 21: Art for the 21st Century - Featured artist in the PBS television series and companion book. Produced by Susan Sollins for Art 21 Inc., 2001.

Bringing It All Back Home - Composed incidental music for documentary film chronicling the artist James Luna. Directed by Chris Eyre. 1998.

Selected Misc. Activities:
Visiting Artist - Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI., 2008.
Visiting Artist - Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL., 2007.

Assistant Professor of Art - Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies, Western WA University,
Bellingham WA., 2004 - present.
Artist Teacher - Red Eagle Soaring, a summer theater workshop for Native American teens. 2007 and 2008.
Panelist - College Art Association conference, 2004.
Artist Project - Coordinated the Contemporary Native American Art Collection for the University of Washington's
Gates Law Library, Seattle, WA., 2002.
Seattle Arts Commissioner - Seattle, WA., 2000 - 2003.
Artist Teacher- ArtsCorps, a non-profit arts education program, Seattle WA., 2001 - 2003.
Speaker and panelist - Seattle Art Museum, "Artists of resistance," 2002 Seattle WA.

Selected Bibliography:

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Jack Fischer, "PBS has 21 answers for cynics," Mercury News, San Jose CA. Sept. 7, 2001.

Aktivitäten / Ausstellungen:
Please see resume above.

Protecting the Future
90 x 90 cm
Preis: 900 Euro
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122 x 152 cm
Preis: 1.000 Euro
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Emergence #4
180 x 180 cm
Preis: 2.200 Euro
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Emergence #3
180 x 180 cm
Preis: 2.200 Euro
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The Origin of Religion
91 x 91 cm
Preis: 900 Euro
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Dog with Spirits

173 x 162 cm
Preis: 2.000 Euro
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