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Marcel Witte

Netherlands (Nederland)


category: Painting
technique: Acryl
Style: Realism

Bio / Resumee / Statement:
The artwork of Marcel Witte is balancing at the border between realism and fantasy. Using nature as source of inspiration, he paints detailed animal figures against one background colour. The composition is never a coincidence, but is always meant to draw attention to the story behind the work. The background colour choice can harmonize with the animal, can be used as a symbol or just to create beautiful
contrast. Emptiness is a mode of perception, a way of looking that ensures that a minimum distance is created between the spectator and the work of art.
To start the painting process, Marcel use a lot of pictures. These examples are used to make the animals as realistic as possible. He studies the movement of the animal, the attitude, the look in the eyes, the structure of the fur and the specific character to let the animals live throughout the painting. You simply want to hug the animal or hold it in your hands. To intensify this feeling, he paints the animals nearly life size. Although the majority of his work is a result of his own creative ideas, he sometimes works under order. But still, he has to have his own vision on the ordered painting. So he can translate the wanted animal into a picture that fits perfect into the collection.


Oct. - Nov. 2004 Artikel 27, Castle Domherenhuis, Heusden-Zolder (Belgium)
Nov. 2004 Kniphorst, Wageningen (the Netherlands)
Sept. 2005 Wereldplein Domein Bokrijk, Genk (Belgium)
Oct. 2005 Kunstevent, Ahoy, Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
Oct. - Nov. 2005 Artikel 27, De Centrale, Heusden-Zolder (Belgium)
Oct. - Nov. 2005 CC Muze, Heusden-Zolder (Belgium)
Nov. 2005 Art-Event, AntwerpExpo, Antwerpen (Belgium)
Dec. 2005 Mondiaal Centrum, Maastricht (the Netherlands)
Jan. 2006 De Foyer, Hasselt (Belgium)
Jan. - Feb. 2006 De Casteelse Poort, Wageningen (the Netherlands)
Jun. - Jul. 2006 Ancient Palaces, Palazzo Cesi, Acquasparta (Italy)
Jul. - Sept. 2006 Istinto Animale, Camaver Kunsthaus, Sondrio (Italy)
Sept - Nov. 2006 Galerie Kunsthard, Oosterhout (the Netherlands)
Oct. - Nov. 2006 De Kunstsalon, Hoorn (the Netherlands)
Nov. 2006 Artikel 27, Centrum Duurzaam Bouwen, Heusden-Zolder (Belgium)
Nov. - Dec. 2006 De Casteelse Poort, Wageningen (the Netherlands)
Dec. 2006 Emotion, Mijdrecht (the Netherlands)
Mrch. - Apr. 2007 Kunstevent, Ahoy Rotterdam, Rotterdam, (the Netherlands)
Aug. - Oct. 2007 Galerie Gelderland, Arnhem (the Netherlands)
Oct. - Dec. 2007 Art gallery Oog voor Natuur, Opheusden (the Netherlands)
Nov. 2007 Artikel 27, De Luchtballon, Heusden-Zolder (Belgium)
Jan.- Feb. 2008 St John's International school, Art studios and gallery, Waterloo (Belgium)
Feb. 2008 Reghthuys, Nieuwkoop (the Netherlands)
Mrch. 2008 Gelre Galeries, Eusebiuskerk, Arnhem (the Netherlands)
Mrch. - Apr. 2008 Espace Bonhomme, Luik (Belgium)
Jun. - Aug. 2008 La Lanka, Tijnje (The Netherlands)
Aug. - Sept. 2008 Gallery Gelderland, Arnhem ((The Netherlands)
Nov. 2008 Artikel 27, Heusden-Zolder (Belgium)
Oct. - Dec. 2008 Radisson SAS Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol-Rijk (The Netherlands)
Oct. Dec. 2008 Kunstgalerie Oog voor natuur, Opheusden (The Netherlands)
Feb. Mrch. 2009 Galerie Emotion, Mijdrecht (The Netherlands)
Mrch. Apr. 2009 Artikel27, Antwerpen (Belgium)


- The Kunstagenda (Marlou Kursten Kunst bemiddeling) is a well- designed desk organizer, illustrated by 13 artists. In the eight edition (2005), four of my paintings are included.
- Flemish writer Annelies Verbeke won several famous literary prices. My painting Koorddanser (rope- dancer) decorates the cover of her second book Reus (2006).
- When the moon winks (2006) is the newest record of the Belgian band Maxon Blewitt. The CD cover shows my painting Roodborstje en de boze wolf . On their website www.maxonblewitt.com, you can read why the members of the band chose this image and how the cooperation first started. (Enter NEWS on their site and go to feb. 8 2006)
- DIER EN ARTS is a professional illustrated magazine, created to update veterinary surgeons. Besides the practically- oriented information, they focus each edition on an animal artist. The august/September edition 2006 contains an article about my work. The cover is decorated with my painting King.
- In the trilingual art book for children 'IK ZAG TWEE BEREN, J'AI VU DEUX OURS, IKI AYI GORMUSTUM' (2007)', 16 of my paintings are shown. The pictures are combined with tales of Gerlinde Gilissen, which invite the young reader to see more in the art work. This book is in the first place an attractive book for children, but offers also chances for language stimulation, reading promotion and art education. More info www.ikzagtweeberen.com


Lasting beauty
60 x 60 cm
for sale (ask for price)
more information

Mindless violence
10 x 12 cm
Price: 350 Euro
more information

Still life
10 x 12 cm
Price: 235 Euro
more information

Crime scene

30 x 150 cm
more information

Alien intruder
50 x 50 cm
Price: 1.850 Euro
more information

Little pony
120 x 180 cm
more information

Flight to Heaven
180 x 120 cm
Price: 6.700 Euro
more information