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lois turner



category: Painting
technique: Oilpainting
Style: Minimal / Concept-Art

As a contemporary artist and breast cancer survivor, Lois Turner is interested in the environmental impact on women's health. More specifically, she takes a look at the various issues that face women in both the urban and rural settings. Her extensive research into breast cancer risks has so far revealed two major implications in the the incidence of the disease. Firstly, there is an increasing incidence of the disease particularly amongst night shift workers due to prolonged exposure to artificial light. Secondly, it also showed an alarming disparity in mortality rates between women living in urban and remote communities within Australia. Her work addresses some of the emotional, physical and cultural barriers that may prevent some women from seeking life saving medical treatment. Through her work, Lois highlights the importance of early detection in surviving this most insidious disease.

Bio / Resumee / Statement:
Lois Turner is a South Australian Contemporary Artist who is using her creative talents to promote breast cancer awareness through the visual arts. As a visual arts graduate from the University of South Australia, she majored in painting and sculpture in 1990, visited an Aboriginal settlement, had works in exhibitions around Adelaide, South Australia and also began further studies in art and philosophy at the University of Adelaide.

However, her life was turned around after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. Since then she has travelled extensively abroad, took up Dragon Boat racing, competing internationally in Penang and Vancouver Canada, set up Get Leopard Art Projects as a vehicle to promote awareness of the disease as well as advance her professional career as an artist.

Lois now feels strongly that her work should have a social role and donates $100AU for every painting sold to the McGrath Foundation to help them fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses in rural and regional Australia as well as educating young women to be breast aware.

As a survivor of breast cancer Lois wanted to stress the importance of early detection particularly amongst minority groups of women who were not getting screened for breast cancer as well as set up a support system for the women that were diagnosed with the disease.

Lois is also the assistant secretary for the "Friends of the Soutn Australian School of Art Committee in Adelaide.

To view her .com.au website please visit www.leopardvisualarts.com.au
BAVA (visual arts)


1975 Certificate in Life Drawing,
South Australian School of Art
Torrens College of Advanced, Australia.

1987 Art & Craft Certificate
North Adelaide School of Art, South Australia

1990 Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts)
South Australian School of Art.
University of South Australia
2003 Studying for Bachelor of Arts majoring in Philosophy,
University of Adelaide.

Public Art Programme
1990 Northern Gateway
Project � artists group
Dept of Environment & Planning South Australia.

1991 Soroptomist International Travel

Field Research
Visit to Aboriginal Settlement Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

1991 Department for the Arts & Cultural
Hertiage - quick response scheme
Group grant.

1993 Department for the Arts & Cultural
Heritage - individual grant.

Public collections
Fernewek Lowender
Customs House, Pt Adelaide, South Australia.

South Australia Film Corp. Painting filmed only for backdrop for movie �Siam Sunset�.

1994 �To�wit, To woo� Feb edition �On Edge�
pp 12-15

Group Exhibtions

1987 �Dealing with Conditions�
2nd yr painting students
North Adelaide School of Art
Artzone Gallery, Adelaide, South Australia.

1989 �Curious to Relate�
2nd yr sculpture students
South Australian School of Art, The Bullring
Jam Factory, Payneham, South Australia.

1990 �first of Ninety Exhibition�
3rd yr painting students
S A School of Art
Artzone Gallery Adelaide, South Australia.

�Women in the Arts�
exhibiting artists selected by Festival
Fringe, Loft Gallery Living Arts Centre
Adelaide, South Australia.

1991 �dis (t) ance, a response to the national project, �Dissonance�
Aspects of Feminism & Art,
University of South Australian Art Museum.

1993 �Fields of Undersee�
North Adelaide School of Art Gallery
South Australia.

�Members Show�
Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia.

1995 �tabula rasa�
solo exhibtion
Anima Gallery, Adelaide.

1998-2003 Undergraduate studies in Philosophy
University of Adelaide, South Australia.


2004 February - Diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

2005 Competed in Penang International
Dragon Boat Festival June 2005
with �Adelaide Survivors Abreast�.

Travelled from Los Angelas>San Francisco>Vancouver> inc.
visiting art galleries

Competed in 2005 10th Anniversary
of Dragon Boat Racing Abreast in a Boat, False Creek Vancouver
British Columbia Canada

2007 Registered business �Get Leopard Art Projects�.
Designed to promote breast cancer awareness through the Visual Arts

2007 Designed web page & launched web site to promote concept of
breast cancer awareness through visual arts.

2007 -
2008 travelled to San Francisco>Vancouver
Travelled to Vancouver>Calgary>Prince George>Hong Kong-
inc visiting art galleries.

2008 Pink Lady Art Exhibition &Charity Event Brighton, Victoria, Australia

Forthcoming Exhibitions 2009

2009 1st � 15th March, 2009
�The Dark Side of Light & the Carcinogens of Power�,
Without Pier Gallery, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia.

1st - 31st May, 2009
Eye2Eye Gallery, Adelaide, South Australia

1st. -31st. October 2009
Eye2Eye Gallery, Adelaide, South Australia.

September 2009
Transforma, Goodwood, South Australia.

Articles & Publications

Clayton, J., �Breast Cancer survivor celebrates Life� Art Style, The Courier,
Wednesday, Sept 5th 2007 p33.

An exhibition entitled "Keeping Track(s)" is currently on show at Transforma, from the 5th November - 5th December, 2009. Transforma is the leading agent for the German designed Hulsta and Rolf Benz Furniture in Adelaide, South Australia. They have also provided permanent hanging space for a selection of her work.

The new breast screening clinic "Breast Logic" in Adelaide has offered to have Lois's work on consignment as from mid November, 2009.

Would Tuesday suit
90 x 120 x 3 cm
Price: 1.689 Euro
more information

Desert Whisperings
122 x 91 x 3 cm
Price: 1.490 Euro
more information

Informal encounters in hospital corridors and.....
30 x 300 x 3 cm
Price: 1.230 Euro
more information

Mary's Utopia
91 x 91 x 3 cm
Price: 1.150 Euro
more information

xenoestrogenised palette & other inconvenient....
100 x 100 x 3 cm
for sale (ask for price)
more information

White Medicine, Danger, Dream
137 x 137 x 3 cm
Price: 2.620 Euro
more information

122 x 122 x 3 cm
Price: 1.950 Euro
more information

Under the Gantry
122 x 122 x 3 cm
Price: 1.950 Euro
more information

The 7 day fortnight shift
122 x 122 x 3 cm
Price: 1.950 Euro
more information

The Nightshift Worker
122 x 122 x 3 cm
Price: 1.950 Euro
more information