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Sascha Yamashita


category: Sculpture
technique: Mixture of materials
Style: Minimal / Concept-Art

heodore W. Adorno said, “A successful work of art is not one which resolves contradictions in a spurious harmony, but one which expresses the idea of harmony negatively embodying the contradictions, pure and uncompromised, in its inner most structure.”

My work questions the interwoven relationships of viewer/art object and process/result, while simultaneously implying antithetical views about these dynamic relationships.

Referencing from literature, art history, religion, philosophy, and often appropriating artworks of critical significance; my art critiques these polar ideological relationships with imagery inspired by both traditional and pop, Japanese and Canadian culture.

The allegorical cycles present within the work are paramount for me; using them to critique on the larger subject of identity crisis.

Bio / Resumee / Statement:
Sascha Yamashita was born and raised on British Columbia’s north-west coast. Early in life his family lived in Japan, spending five non-consecutive years of his childhood there.

Experiencing the Japanese culture had a profound effect on Yamashita’s art. These experiences, coupled with his Canadian upbringing in rural British Columbia would be the essence of his artistic conceptuality.

Sascha Yamashita moved to Vancouver to attend Emily Carr University. Graduating in 2000 with a degree equivalent in Visual Arts with majors in drawing and printmaking, he proceeded to work in many commercial art galleries and volunteer in artist-run centres.

Yamashita has shown extensively throughout the province and across North America, thus becoming a well-respected, young emerging artist. He is well regarded by his peers and critic’s alike.

Presently Sascha Yamashita resides in Vancouver and is the founder and Co-Director of Gallery Atsui.


Failed drawings

182 x 457 x 30 cm
for sale (ask for price)
more information

Mixture of materials
46 x 226 x 15 cm
Price: 4.900 Euro
more information